The True Test of Music

The true test of music. I have been so broken-hearted over the prospect of the massive impending death sentence for all the innocent sea creatures in the Gulf. The turtles, dolphins, birds, the fish, the tiny creatures in the delicate wetlands. There is no trial, no superhero who will sweep in and save them. We are the murderers. We, who are abusing oil like an alcoholic on a terminal binge that will only end when we have destroyed ourselves and taken down every other living thing around us.

I am fighting the weight of my heavy heart that threatens to slow me down and make me feel so powerless that I just want to escape and not deal with it. The true test of music. Can music give us power? Can we go to the source of the problem and fight back with the source of our strength: music, art, our most soulful expression of truth and emotion? Can we lift ourselves out of this torpor? Can we move mountains, or in this case move the mountains of our personal, political and corporate short-sighted greed? Can we become better than who we are now?

Writing, recording, videotaping, writing, recording, videotaping. That is my mantra this past week. I’ve barely been sleeping, channeling all my energy into creating something that I hope will give us the energy to break through the walls of this self-created prison cell that we are in. To birth a revolution that is fueled by our spirit and the very best we humans can bring to the earth. Dancing through the revolution with open hearts and minds. Emma Goldman said, “If I can’t dance – I don’t want to be part of your revolution” We are at a turning point in human history. We must choose to dance.

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