Renew at Mono Lake


We turn not older with years but newer every day ― Emily Dickinson These past years I’ve been doing brand new things. I’ve become a mother, a music teacher, a climate activist, a backpacker. I’ve learned new ways to communicate, support, love, give; be resilient, bold, brave.  Now as I return to performing music it will …

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Many years ago a fellow songwriter was suffering from a medical condition. She was much too young when she passed away and I spent a lot time afterwards trying to understand what it might have been like to reach out to the place she felt was on the other side. She described it as a …

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Best Practices!

Thank you, Noa Kageyama, for this excellent piece explaining the nuances of practicing efficiently: (LINK to Noa’s blogpost) While it may be true that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going, there certainly are ways of needlessly prolonging the journey. We often waste lots of time because nobody ever taught us the most effective and …

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