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I’m a singer and songwriter who believes that every song I create has its own independent life. I simply guide it towards its full potential. Just like raising a child. My songs have been described as haunting, delicate, and powerful.

upcoming performances:

Stay tuned for Spring outdoor shows!

past performances:

Outdoor house concert in Los Altos, on October 17, 2021

What a fun show! We gathered under a dramatic, early evening sky in “Tami’s Garden” (aka as the backyard of the fabulous Mulcahy family) in Los Altos.  So many old friends and new friends, all of us coming together, sharing laughter, silliness, seriousness, singing together and everything in between. I performed with my wonderful collaborator, bassist Doug Pohorski. Special guest and dear friend Jeff Pollock joined us on piano. Documentary filmmaker Ben Suliteanu will be making a video of the show – I’ll post it here as soon as it is ready! All these photos were taken by the talented Chloe Peterson-Nafziger. She’s got a beautiful portfolio – check it out!

The Sierra Through Sonnets, Science & Song, at the University of Nevada, July 16, 2021

You can now watch the whole show online here: LINK

An evening filled with sonnets, science and song featuring brilliant authors Steven Nightingale, Richard Nevle, Robert Leonard Reid and yours truly.

As we trekked 90 miles across the Sierra with our families, 4 summers ago, Steven and Richard conceived of a book that captured the essence of their Sierra experience through both lyrical and scientific perspectives. Please join us for this multi-media presentation as Steven and Richard share writings, places, and stories from their adventure and their upcoming book, The Paradise Notebooks, and 2018 Nevada Writers Hall of Fame inductee and brilliant author Robert Leonard Reid. I will weave in songs and accompaniment to some stunning haikus.

Recent Songs

Scarborough Fair

Our first collaborative song, Scarborough started out with Doug noodling on the piano in his studio and I said, "Hey, that sounds a little like Scarborough Fair" and I started singing to it. Whipped out the voice memo app and recorded it. From there Doug recorded more piano on his own and sent it to me, with the comment, "I don't think this is Scarborough Fair anymore." ...


Many years ago a fellow songwriter that I knew was suffering from a medical condition. After she passed away, I spent a lot time trying to understand what it might have been like to reach out to the place she felt was on the other side for her. A place of peace and love. The closest I could imagine was the feeling of reaching out to someone you love in a time of need ...

The Time Has Come

I was inspired to write the song “The Time Has Come” after participating in my first climate rally in San Francisco. Before the rally I was afraid that I might be one of only a dozen people attending, which would confirm my fear that hardly anyone was willing to put themselves out there on this issue. However, when I emerged from the Bart station into the San Francisco sunlight, I saw thousands of people with banners and signs, and I felt my hope rise up ...

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"She has a beautiful voice that can soar and scat, get folky and funky, and enchant crowds" 

– Daily Hampshire Gazette

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