I grew up in a hilly town in north central New Jersey, where dairy cows outnumbered cafés 1 million to 1. There was nothing to do there, so I would draw and play guitar for hour upon hour. When I finally escaped to western MA for college, I began to write songs. My first performance was in exchange for lunch. It turned out that if I played songs for an hour at the café on campus, they would feed me for free. Every day of the week! I hate to cook and I love to eat. You can see how this was the perfect setup to launch my performing career.

me ironhorse2_edited-1I performed my way from the east coast to the west coast, and ended up in northern CA, land of perennial 70-degree weather and outdoor cafés serving arugula and cheeses I’d never previously heard of. (Where were those cheese-producing goats in NJ?) In the process of becoming a Californian I have become obsessed with environmental issues. While there may be groovy outdoor cafés above ground, there’s nothing like a big old earth shake to make you realize there’s a planet to care for under that concrete. Here in earthquake land we are always awaiting further reminders from mother earth…

Ok, so back to music. I think about doing music like painting. I’m trying to get at the essence of the m091006HoSV_115 copyusic with brushstrokes of tones, textures, and phrasing. I want my music to reflect the beautiful parts of life, as well as the atrocities happening in the world. Although my writing is very personal, by performing my songs I feel myself stretching to something very powerful that connects us all together.